Approved Distributor

Trinnitech U.K. has the privilege of being accorded “Approved Distributor” status for AIS- Advanced Innergy Solutions for Oil and Gas Sector for Subcontinent of India,

For the products contra Flame and contra blast used for passive fire protection of most of the assets in this sector.

AIS has established itself as a leading fire protection and insulation provider for the oil and gas sector for over twenty years and now has under its’ umbrella the offerings of Covertherm, Manuplas and Bardot to further strengthen the ties and increase the combined efforts of the team.

Trinnitech is tasked with taking various AIS Technology Solutions to the sub continent of India and to get vendor approvals in a variety of Indian companies, thus far being in active discussions with the world’s largest Refinery for Operator buildings supply as well as Riser protection for offshore Platforms.

The benefits to Refinery are many: No maintenance costs for lifetime of the asset, lightweight, easy to dismantle and move to another location, no corrosion to your asset.

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at Telephone number: +44 7767131526.

In Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, resides a company named Eoncoat LLC and it is also, where the Manufacture and Research Facility is based.

The owner and his team are passionate - they eat, breathe, think and dream of - Fighting Corrosion. For the longest time ever and prior to Eoncoat, Tony Collins, owner Of Eoncoat; founded and ran Turbine Generator Maintenance, Inc. (TGM), a leading independent service provider for gas and steam turbines. His background in engineering allows him to regularly discover methods to not only improve corrosion prevention methods but how to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and, most importantly, the safety of Eoncoat coatings.

EonCoat is an industrial protective coating which is radically different to any other system on the market. With just one coat, you can protect your assets for their entire lifetime. No recoating, no regular downtime, no loss of earnings.

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For any queries, please contact Trinnitech at +44 7767131526, we are here to assist.