What Have We Done?

Our mission is to forge a global reputation for path breaking solutions within the energy sector by integrating creative engineering design, innovative technology, extensive energy industry experience and intensive project management skills to ensure superior benefits for all stakeholders.

Towards this goal Trinnitech U.K. Pvt. Ltd. (Wholly owned Subsidiary of Tereleq Pte. Ltd., Singapore) operates as an exporter of energy related technologies in the U.K..Sustainable construction is the practice of creating a healthy environment that’s based on ecological principles. According to construction industry experts, sustainable construction focuses on six principles: “conserve, reuse, recycle/renew, protect nature, create non-toxic and high quality.”

Trinnitech attempts to reduce industry’s impact on the environment by utilizing sustainable development practices, employing energy efficiency, and taking advantage of green technology.

Serving customers in India and the Far East, Trinnitech provides the best in class solutions for corrosion, impact and blast, jet and hydrocarbon pool fires, passive and thermal insulation and Water Resistance Systems.